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Truck Liability

Commercial truck insurance is a complex insurance that only few companies are ready to take on. Since trucking business involves many risks, you’ve to be careful while picking truck liability insurance.

We offer competitive rates, comprehensive coverage plan, and excellent claims service for our customers. We know it’s your business and it has to be protected just like any other business. With our comprehensive truck insurance, every aspect of your business will be covered.

However, commercial truck insurance is not the only cover you’ll need to protect your business. You will also require luggage insurance so that you don’t have to pay compensation in case of loss, damage, or accident causing damage to luggage on trucks. Our truck liability policy covers all these important aspects of truck insurance such as damage caused to someone else from truck accident. Truck liability is necessary for State and Federal filings.

We also offer physical damage insurance for your trucks. Under this policy, you will be able to claim for damage, repair, and replacement in case of an accident or collision.  

Under truck liability insurance, you will be paid a percentage of total value of your equipment. If your truck is stolen or damaged, you will get a healthy portion of total loss.